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Founded in 2000, we specialize in the production and sales of various agricultural machinery, producing a series of agricultural machinery.

About us

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Yantai Rayho Machinery: focus on Product Quality and provide the Best Solution

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Over 15 series productions
Founded in 2000, we specialize in the production and sales of various agricultural machinery. Our products include wheeled tractors, Crawler tractor, walk-behind tractors, power tillers, remote control lawn mower, remote control sprayers, forestry machinery, etc 15 series products, and we are the partner of China Government Agricultural Projects for 5 years.

Strong production capacity and strict quality control standards
*we are a high-tech enterprise in China with over 10 patented technologies and an experienced product research and development team that can provide customized services to customers.
*we pass ISO 9001 international quality standards and have CE certification.
*We has advanced CNC automation processing center, high precision laser welding robot, etcover 150 sets equipment.
*We have comprehensive testing methods and process guarantees, and have a production capacity of over 10000 agricultural machinery per year.

Excellent after-sales service
*Scientific modern enterprise management and culture provide you with professional products and pre-sales and after-sales services.
*We have agents in many places which is convenient for customers to participate in product design with us. We provide goods and services that meet customer requirements.
*Main parts have a warranty period of 12-24 months for free. We have sufficient spare parts in stock. We will also help customers solve problems in the shortest time after the warranty period.

Professional Sales Teams
* The sales team with over 5 years of export sales experience provides the best solution.
* Each person in the team is responsible for Specific work from inquiry, production, inspection to after sales service.

We believe in innovation collaboration and win-win, and will continue to create better products for you.


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